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  • In its nature Movement for rights and freedoms is a liberal political party, which aims to spread the liberal values and principles. Youth MRF plays very active role in this process of introducing the liberalism to as many young people as possible.

  • Youth MRF works actively with the Bulgarian youth while it is developing its activities and structures. Youth MRF has wide representation in Bulgaria. This allows it to implement those policies which are mostly adequate to the present situation in the country.

  • Nowadays the youth in Bulgaria face significant difficulties, which GERB (the present ruling party) cannot and is not capable to overcome. Youth MRF strongly confronts to the incompetence of the present government, which led to 30 % of youth unemployment in Bulgaria and high rates of youth immigration. Youth MRF took very active role in the preparation of laws in order to support the youth in dealing with their problems and necessities. Unfortunately our strive to consider the young people as specific social group, which needs concrete policies, was smothered by the representatives of the government. They left the young people without legitimate representation while voting on the Youth law. It was coined just to excuse themselves for “having the job well done” in front of the European partners.

  • Youth MRF, as the youth vanguard of MRF, will continue to be distinct and irreconcilable opposition of GERB, especially when concerning youth issues. It will try to impose the implementation of those borrowed laws, strategies and documents from the previous ruling parties that work for the only interest of the administration and institutions but which are without real implementation as feasible policy for the youth in Bulgaria.

  • The unprecedented high rate of youth unemployment, which is being generated by the inadequate GERB policies, continues to block the overall development of the young people as human beings and active citizens. Youth MRF is working and it will continue to work in order to solve this alarming issue. It will initiate debates in the presence of each interested party and it will continue to searching for a solution.

  • Youth MRF’s primer goal will be to stimulate the youth inclusion in the civil and political processes. We believe that only through active participation in local, regional and national levels, the voice of the youth can be heart from the government.

  • Youth MRF has long term vision and goals which adequately correspond to the modern days. Youth’s real problems and interests are in our focus while implementing the organizational programme. That is why Youth MRF will continue its fight to address the deficits of governmental policies in the field of education, labour market, health and security.

  • Youth MRF faces constant difficulties of the unstable economic development and political situation. However with its 23 000 members and notable capacity will continue to impose adequate strategic vision and priorities to the MRF, as in front of the whole society.